Special Interest Group Meetings
Special Interest Group Meetings

23 May 2018

13:30 - 15:30

Special Interest Group Meetings (SIG) | Free session

  13:30 - 15:30
  Location: Palais des Congrès


The ASTP-Proton Special Interest Group “Creating Value from Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts“ (SIG SSHA) was established in 2015 as a platform for face-to-face exchanges on SSHA among Knowledge Transfer Officers from universities and research organisations from all over Europe. During this meeting, we will update members on:

  • Recent SIG workshops, (November 2017, Brussels, Financing SSHA Transfer Activities; May 2018, Oxford, Nurturing SSHA Start-ups);
  • Forthcoming events, such as: (November 2018, Berlin Science Week);
  • Forthcoming conferences, such as: (November 2018, Impact Conference, Vienna; February 2019, ACCOMPLISSH-conference, Barcelona)
  • Recent projects and developments in SIG SSHA members‘ countries;
  • new topic-specific SIG SSHA workshop.

Facilitator SSAH: Christoph Köller, Managing Director, Görgen & Köller GmbH, Germany
Location: Palais des Congrès | SSAH Mosane 9

Software SIG

This Special Interested Group, was established in 2016 as a platform for face-to-face exchanges on software among Knowledge Transfer Officers. This SIG has developed 3 operational working groups; with Malcom Bain leading the software IP section; Mirko Lucas facilitating the understanding of commercial deals involving software; and Eva Riemann leading the dedicated legal group reviewing software deals.

Software Facilitator: Malcolm Bain, Partner, ID Law Partners, Spain
Location: Palais des Congrès| Software Room Mosane 4