Bernard Surlemont

Bernard Surlemont

Following 10 years in international business, an INSEAD MBA and PhD, Bernard became Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of the Entrepreneurship Research Centre at Liège University, Belgium.

In 1988, he launched the TTO at Liège University and in the year 2000 went on to hold the professorship in entrepreneurship at Lausanne University. In 2004, he launched the INSEAD MBA entrepreneur programme.

He is board member of start-ups and VCs funds as well as liaison officer between universities and industry. In 1999, he created a €35M VC fund and in 2000 he created SEED, an incubator to coach high-growth potential startups. Founder of “Entreprendre et Innover” a quarterly journal on entrepreneurship, in 2004 he created the Foundation for Research and Education in Entrepreneurship. Since 2010, he has coordinated ID-Campus a project to engage students within creative projects.

He is also founder of VentureLab, an incubator dedicated to support the creation of student startups.

W: www.venturelab.be